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Nov 22

1930 S Morgantown Jadeite Tumble-up Trudy Water Carafe With Cup

Dixie Cups 1970 ad Discover 30 from Georgia PacificVery delicate pieces in jadeite green color that glows under black light. Carafe without cup 6 tall, 1-3/4 wide. Lovely in a retro kitchen, next to bedside, or use the decanter as an elegant vase. Bar & Bat Mitzvah (6).

Jan 03

Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System 500,000 Gallon Capacity or 5 Years

Aquasana shower filter is fake Do not buyPlease Ask Me If You Have Any Additional Questions. UV Filter System Is An Optional Add On. Aquasana whole house well water filter system 500,000 gallon capacity or 5 years the whole system is rated for 5 years but individually the salt-free water conditioner is rated for 6 …

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