Monthly Archive: July 2021

Jul 28

TSUBA GOLD LEAF for Katana Sword guard Blade Vintage Japanese Samurai OB144

1000 Katana VS Metal Anime Cutting Challenge Tsuba gold leaf for katana sword guard blade vintage japanese samurai ob144 tsuba is the hand guard mounted on a japanese sword. It serves to keep the user’s hand from sliding up onto the blade of the sword, to counterbalance the weight of the blade, to communicate the …

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Jul 21

1981 EARTH WIND & FIRE Window Card Concert Poster Indianapolis Vintage Original

Mondays with Myrt 15 June 2020 1981 earth wind & fire window card concert poster indianapolis vintage original this poster is a vintage original poster issued in 1981 to advertise the indianapolis concert and sell tickets. The seller is timomills and is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. There is a minor trace of staining to two …

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Jul 09

Tableaux En Papier Maché Sur Planche De Bois

Domestic Respite Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 62Tableaux en Papier Maché Sur Planche De Bois. Le vendeur est wilfdut0 et est localisé à/en Bar sur Aube. tableaux en papier maché sur planche de bois. Très joli uvre artistique bien conservée. Thème Pays du monde, Voyage.