Monthly Archive: June 2023

Jun 27

Pair of Two 2 Vintage French Faience Art Pottery Ceramic Cachepots Planter Vases

Indoor flower pot makingI sell vintage, decorative and antique items. The items have some minimal wear (see photos and / or written description for the condition of this item). If I notice anything in particular I will try to note it in the listing and / or take a picture for you to see.

Jun 22

Premium Custom Top Cue Conversion With A Custom Pool And Snooker Shaft

This is a pool tip you must know … billiards billiard 8ballpoolSnooker Shaft Custom snooker shaft at 10.3mm with in at 3.17oz. Premium custom Top cue conversion with a custom pool and snooker shaft. Cue is straight together and apart. Pool Shaft McWorter Shaft matched to this custom butt 12.7mm with hard Molavia weight in …

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